We have a total of 4 cemeteries located at two sites. Our older cemeteries, #1 and #2, are co-located with several other cemeteries identified in Google Map No. 1 as "Brewster Neck", and detailed in Map No. 2. These cemeteries are located l/10 of a mile north of the intersection of CT Routes 2A and 12, with the street address for GPS purposes as 38 Route 12, Preston, CT.






Our newer cemeteries, #3 and #4, are located at 62 Middle Road, Preston and can be reached by going approximately 1/2 mile east on Route 2A from its intersection with route 12, and turning left onto Harris Fuller Road as shown on Google Map No. 3 At the end of the road (approximately 1 mile) turn right onto Middle Road for 2/10 of a mile; look carefully for the cemetery entrance on the left.