Norwich Hebrew Benevolent AssociationThe Jewish cemeteries of the Norwich Hebrew Benevolent Association are located in Preston, Connecticut. Historic Cemeteries 1 & 2 are on Route 12 near the intersection with Route 2A on the Norwich-Preston line, with the active Cemeteries 3 & 4 not far away on Middle Road in Preston. Plots are available in Cemeteries 3 & 4 in a beautiful, private location surrounded by woodland. Cemetery 4 is an interfaith site accepting cremains.

Synagogue affiliation is not required for burial in our cemeteries. We work with the clergy of local Conservative and Reform synagogues.

The Norwich Hebrew Benevolent Association has served the community since 1889 as a volunteer-run organization dedicated to caring for the dead and serving the living in the tradition of Chesed Shel Emet, true loving-kindness. The NHBA is governed by an executive board. Plot owners pay membership dues and are invited to attend annual membership meetings held in October or November.